NLOH Mentoring the Super Bees!

Another year has just wrapped up for the Super Bees at E.B. DeSilva Elementary School, and NLOH was privileged to be a part of it.

NLOH mentored students through the After School Enrichment program the school hosts known as EdVenture. The program seeks to help students develop skills and talents that will keep students balanced, physically, fit, and artistically creative. NLOH production and marketing staff members assisted students with learning the basics of filming, editing, and script-writing. For their final projects, students created PSAs sharing important messages like the need to drink water and protecting the forest.

“Media is a competitive field, so allowing students to learn production skills from an early age is crucial to develop creativity, skills, and a good eye for details,” said Matt Cordero, NLOH director and Nā Leo TV Production Manager. “These students are incredibly bright and have a thirst for knowledge. Editing and filmmaking are skills honed over years of practice, so if children are passionate about it, the earlier they learn, the better.”

The program lasts for one semester and is sponsored by the parent-teacher association. Only thirteen students are allowed to sign up for the program. Past programs have included things like cooking, dance, and chess.

“NLOH was fortunate to mentor students for a second year, and we look forward to doing similar programs in the future,” said Micah Alameda, Marketing Manager. “This is exactly the sort of program we’d love to see implemented in every school.”

Alameda continued: “Empowering our youth will be the key to tomorrow. This is the starting point for a future Youtube Channel, movies in Hollywood, or marketing. Education opens so many doors for students as they decide what they want to do with their lives.”