One of the pillars of NLOH is media education. NLOH is committed to teaching the people, students, and non-profits of Hawai’i Island how to use media to accomplish their missions and dreams.

NLOH is always expanding its educational programs. From class workshops to student tours, NLOH offers a variety of educational experiences and internships, and uses grants to help fund student programs.

NLOH offers seminars and workshops to help nonprofits pivot their organization toward success. In a digital age, NLOH wants to equip nonprofit organizations with the tools they need to succeed so they aren’t left behind as the world becomes more technologically advanced.

The following are just a few of the many projects we’ve done:

In-Class Workshops

For two years, NLOH has been working with students at E.B. de Silva Elementary School to teach them the basics of video production and how to create Public Service Announcements. Each class has 10-15 students from 4th to 6th grade, and lasts for 10 weeks.

Non-Profit Workshops

NLOH co-hosted a seminar on writing press releases for the digital age, and in 2019 is rolling out more seminars for local non-profits. See our Events page for more information on upcoming seminars.

Youth Capacity Building Project

The Youth Capacity Building Project offered hands-on opportunities for high school students to learn about video production and its roles. Our goal was to help students realize their potential to pursue media-related careers on Hawai’i Island. Thanks to a County of Hawaiʻi, Department of Research and Development Grant, NLOH was able to mentor 10 high school students through all the stages of production, including pre-production and post-production, as they created 3 Commercials to air during the live broadcast of the 56th Annual Merrie Monarch Festival.

Student Internships

NLOH has been working with student interns in a variety of ways. NLOH allows students to volunteer on live productions so they can get a hands-on experience found no where else. NLOH seeks to empower students to believe that a career in this industry is not only possible.

Student Tours

NLOH offers group tours of our facilities to students. They hear from NLOH managers and staff as well as see first-hand what it’s like to run a full fledged TV station. We even let them get the chance to see what it’s like to film or be on camera.