Nā Leo TV is the public access television station run by Nā Leo o Hawai’i. Nā Leo TV provides Public, Education, and Government (PEG) programming for the entire island. It is the only PEG station in Hawai’i County and airs on Spectrum Cable Channels 53, 54, and 55, as well as on our NLTV website and mobile app.

The mission of Nā Leo TV is to facilitate diverse community, education, government dialogue, and expression by providing television access for the people of the County of Hawai’i. Nā Leo TV’s mission includes providing the county’s citizens with great customer service, clean facilities, and modern equipment to work with.

Nā Leo TV creates relevant and interesting television programs to address diverse community interests. NLTV has the privilege of recording many productions that a mainstream station couldn’t record without a steep budget. For example, we aired gavel to gavel coverage of the TMT Contested Case hearings. We’ve also aired other special events like graduations, live election coverage, election forums, and much more.

Public Access Television is funded by the Department of Commerce and Consumer Affairs through cable franchise fees paid by cable subscribers on the island.

The beauty of public access television is that it provides the opportunity for citizens to express their constitutional right of free speech. Nā Leo TV trains Hawai’i Island Residents to become External Producers capable of using video equipment to record and edit television programs for airing on cable channels. Training costs a minimal fee, and after certification, all airtime and usage of equipment, studio, and edit bays are free. Programs can also submitted by local residents without certification as long as they follow certain guidelines

Check out Nā Leo TV today to see it, hear it, and be inspired.