About Us

Nā Leo o Hawaiʻi was incorporated in 1994. Our name means “the voices of Hawaiʻi.” For 25 years, we’ve managed the only public access television station for the island of Hawaiʻi, Nā Leo TV.

After growing and cultivating Nā Leo TV into something our community can be proud of, we are now focusing on growing our nonprofit organization to serve all our local nonprofits and citizens. We want to equip them with the tools they need to succeed in a world with an ever-changing digital landscape. Nonprofits and people need to possess media skills if they want their voices to be heard.  Media literacy is necessary for survival.

Nā Leo o Hawaiʻi has several branches: Education, Grants, Media Services, Properties, and TV. We are excited to continue growing and serving our community here on Hawaiʻi Island.

Our Mission

Nā Leo o Hawaiʻi the non profit organization that provides guidance, education, training and assistance to individuals and non profit companies in understanding the importance and power of media, technology and communication.

We are the voices of Hawaiʻi: See it, Hear it, and Be Inspired!